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Deck by Sunspace by Arborview, Inc.


Aluminum Decking by Sunspace by Arborview, Inc. is the premier choice when deciding on the right Decking System for your home, business or even cottage.

Aluminum is environmentally friendly, non-toxic and recyclable, and guaranteed to be free from warping, splitting or cracking. But that’s not it! When you choose aluminum, there is absolutely no mold or mildew fade and it will not degrade from exposure to UV rays and the elements like its traditional deck counterparts will over time. It stays cool when the sun is beating down.

Aluminum is a thermal conductor so it does not hold the heat like other wood and composite decks, and is fire safe up to 1,220° F (660° C).

Aluminum Railing Systems have no waste, come in a variety of styles and colors and inherently structural, meeting all codes.


Sunspace Sunrooms’ AlumaDeck installed by Sunspace by Arborview, Inc. is completely water resistant with its durable powder coat finish. You are getting a truly slip resistant product that will not flex or sag, making it the safest choice for your friends, family, colleagues and customers. AlumaDeck is manufactured with larger than standard, self-spacing planks that require no finishing treatments or paint and have no difficult clipping systems. This reduces installation times and you can rest assured that your product is custom manufactured to match your existing exterior and Sunroom for a flawless flow of design. So not only is your exterior receiving an amazing product that will last for as long as you own your home, but will also add value, style and a virtually maintenance-free solution to your outdoor space.


ThermaDeck Insulated Floor Systems are a great choice when searching for a thermal decking solution. Sunspace ThermaDecking Systems by Sunspace by ArborView Inc. is composed of a continuous core of rigid EPS foam insulation laminated between two ½-inch oriented strand board structural layers. ThermaDeck is manufactured with custom framing, vapor barriers and insulation for a high efficiency decking system that substantially reduce the installation time of conventional decking alternatives and could eliminate costly foundation work. Not only do you have a 25% higher insulation rating than any other conventional flooring construction, but any type of flooring, from carpet to hardwood, can be installed, making it the perfect insulated base for your 3-Season Sunroom.

Railing Systems

Contemporary Glass Railings offer a completely unobstructed view with a stylish and elegant look that can be applied both outside and in-doors. Completely customize the look of your surroundings with the variety of options and colors available.

Traditional Aluminum Picket and Belly Picket Railing Systems offer unlimited options for complete customization. Picket Railings are available in 36" and 42" standard heights to guarantee the safety of your family and guests. All railings come pre-assembled for ease of installation and custom heights and fencing are also available upon request.

All Sunspace Aluminum Railing Systems meets or exceed local Building Code requirements and railing posts can even be used as structural roof supports! Just think, years of maintenance free safety and style when you use this pre-finished product that is guaranteed not to rust or rot like traditional picket and board railings and fences.

If heights and safety are a concern for your particular screening project, then Sunspace Integrated Railing Systems by Sunspace by ArborView Inc. offer a safe and stylish solution that will fit seamlessly with your Sunroom, Screen Room or balcony enclosure. Choose from a selection of Traditional Aluminum Picket and Belly Picket Railing Systems that will best suit your space and bring the outdoors in to a safe and elegant new living space.


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