Sunspace by Arborview, Inc. WeatherMaster


The WeatherMaster Sunroom is the most versatile addition that you could choose for your home, cottage or business. The exclusive Vinyl 2 and 4-Track Window Systems make this particular addition not only elegant and stylish, but very functional, all while protecting you and your family from harmful UV rays, insects and the elements. WeatherMaster Sunrooms are custom built to compliment any existing exterior and install flawlessly over AlumaDeck and ThermaDeck Insulated Decking Systems and are perfect for under existing porch, patio and roof covers.

With infinite configuration possibilities, Sunspace by ArborView Inc. can help you design the perfect seasonal Sunroom that best suits the needs of your family, home, vacation or commercial property. WeatherMaster Sunrooms also come with an entire line of Windows and Doors to choose from for a completely custom, seamless and polished finish.

Weathermaster Windows

WeatherMaster Windows are made with View Flex glazed vinyl, available in a variety of tints, and are more durable than glass. Since your room is completely customized, your windows can be manufactured to fit openings up to 12’ wide and 8’ high, ensuring that almost any space can be fitting beautifully. Window vents are engineered to operate independently on their own track allowing you to adjust your vents in varying positions to provide your Sunroom with up to 75% ventilation.

The vents can also be strategically positioned at any height giving you the ability to block direct sunlight! So not only are your Windows infinitely adjustable with total ease, but they are just as easily removed for cleaning when required and are completely backed by the Sunspace Sunrooms Manufacturer Factory Warranty. Horizontal roller windows are also available and allow up to 50% ventilation or can be completely removed for 100% ventilation. Create the sunroom of your dreams with Sunspace by ArborView Inc. Using the highly acclaimed WeatherMaster Window System, you can turn your dreams into a reality.

Weathermaster Doors

If you are looking for selection, innovation and a perfect fit for entry ways, then WeatherMaster has the perfect solution. Single Entry Doors, Sliding Doors and French Door Systems are available with both 2 and 4-Track Vertical Vinyl windows or in a full view Clear or Colonial glass setting. Standard hardware, thresholds and sweeps are included with each door, while designer colors and hardware upgrades are always an option.

WeatherMaster Plus

WeatherMaster Plus Stacking Door Systems are the latest in innovation from Sunspace Sunrooms. This great new product has built on the tried and true technology of the original WeatherMaster Windows and Doors, giving you truly infinite possibilities for your Sunroom or Enclosure. Each door in the section works on a multi-point handle system with flush bolt locks on both the top and bottom for stability and safety. Imagine being able to take your Vinyl 2-Track or 4-Track Doors and walls that provide up to 75% ventilation, then opening them right up to provide a full 100% open air ventilation! Fold, slide and stack and now you have a completely open passageway, up to 12 ft!

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